Blessing of the rings
Just hanging out
Look how far I've come
Shooting the breeze
Giving Mom away
Unique wedding requests
Fun day
Just another day
In the studio

My name is Clay Benedict, I am a photographer based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I do portrait and wedding photography. I started taking photos as a hobby and slowly grew my passion, discovering many different types of photography. I learned through both trial and error, as well as seeking out guidance from other excellent photographers. Through long process and many adventures, I got into concert photography almost by accident. I was asked to come take pictures at a few band's shows here and there and slowly started making a name for myself in the Albuquerque music scene. I continued to grow my education in photography as I believe you should never stop learning any craft you are passionate about. From that I learned new and different techniques of editing and playing with light to create better images than I ever had before.
I became a photography assistant to a wildlife photographer and started learning the craft of capturing images of birds. It is a tough genre of early mornings and late evenings. But this added another color to my pallet. Being a photography assistant taught me many things, let me meet many other great photographers, and dipped my toes into the professional photography world. I still wanted to learn more. So I decided to push my career into portraits.
I love interacting with people and having people as the subject to my images and the more I thought about it, the more I also wanted to get into doing wedding photography.  I like to capture the emotion and feeling of whatever I am shooting. Photographs can freeze a moment and bring those memories to life again and again. It was the next step I wanted to make in my journey.
~ Clay

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